Josh and I sat down with our good friend Thomas Hunt, the one man show responsible for the Mad Bitcoins videos we all love. Our conversation was covered from all over the globe, with me in San Francisco, Josh in Berlin, and Thomas in beautiful Barcelona.

The main topic was Facebook Libra, the social media giant’s new cryptocurrency. Is it really a look into the future or just another attempt to monopolize a good idea for their own greedy benefit. We also cover censorship in the EU with regards to social media. Thanks for checking us out and a special thanks to our sponsors at and

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From April 2013 onward, Thomas Hunt has been all about Bitcoin, writing, producing, performing and inspiring more than 1,200 shows and hundreds of thousands of hours of cryptocurrency related news, education and entertainment on YouTube with his Mad Bitcoins show, The Bitcoin Group, Bitcoin Talk Show and the World Crypto Network. From covering live events like the collapse of Mt. Gox, the Bit License Hearings or broadcasting live from the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, to covering crypto currency conventions in Washington D.C., Miami, Las Vegas and New Hampshire, Thomas Hunt has created a reputation for honesty and integrity by advocating for the blockchain, decentralization and calling for users to protect their own bitcoin by holding their own private keys.

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Hey! My name is Tatiana Moroz. I am a passionate singer-songwriter heavily involved in the Libertarian and Bitcoin movement. I have created the first ever artist cryptocurrency Tatiana Coin and also founded an activist talent agency called Same Side Entertainment. I recently launched Crypto Media Hub which is an advertising network for the Bitcoin world and beyond. It's free for advertisers and we work with almost every major media outlet in the space including Bitcoin Magazine, YBitcoin, Bitcoinist, Brave New Coin, Let's Talk Bitcoin, Coin Telegraph and many more.


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  • As of writing this article Bitcoin was trading at $10.677.1 United States dollars (USD) and was going and upward and positive growth of 2.71 percent. The market cap of the coin was $190.40 billion United States dollars (USD) and the market supply of the coin was 17.83 million. Bitcoin (BTC) has shown massive improvement and the reason behind this is the launch of Bakkt. Here is what the Bakkt announced in its official blog: “Our contracts have already received the green light from the CFTC through the self-certification process and user acceptance testing has begun. With approval by the New York State Department of Financial Services to create Bakkt Trust Company, a qualified custodian, the Bakkt Warehouse will custody bitcoin for physically delivered futures.” Bakkt’s launch was pending since the beginning of 2019 because of a glitch it was facing by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission [CFTC] which was reluctant in giving Bakkt a free go. Now that the green signal is received Bakkt is all set to launch on September 23rd. The largest digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) has got a massive boost because of the digital currency and it will help the coin in the further mass adoption, usage and application. Companies are always reluctant in using digital currencies as a way of payment and transfer because they are concerned with the security issues involved in digital currencies. Now since Bakkt has adopted Bitcoin the coin is going to get a sense of security and trust that is much needed for it as well as other digital currencies in the crypto market. The crypto community is quite thrilled after the announcement. The crypto world needs acceptance and it has got a much needed slight push.

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  • International revenue service which is located in the united states has started sending certain warning letters to the owners of crypto-currency. The subject matter of such letters demand the cleaning of the debts from the insolvent owners and pay the fine if let any. It was discovered that in a news bulletin, the IRS has made confessions regarding the sending of letters which they call “educational letters”. To be in accordance with this statement, there are three variations in this letter. They have also said that such letters have been sent to over thousands of taxpayers and they will have such letters sent to many more by the end of this month, hoping that the taxpayers would be taking the letters seriously else would have to suffer severe penalties. To quote IRS Commissioner, “The IRS is expanding our efforts involving virtual currency, including increased use of data analytics. We are focused on enforcing the law and helping taxpayers fully understand and meet their obligations.” It has been unearthed by IRS that there are many who own crypto-currencies and are involved in businesses but skive paying the tax on time. They have now decided to act upon this seriously and etch out all the payments that are yet to be done by the crypto owners. They have formulated some strict guidance they say so that all the payments are done on time from the next time, avoiding problems and confusions later. Anyone failing to adhere to such guidelines would be penalized immediately. It has been making the same efforts since the year 2014. Their clients are of the opinion that they fail to update the list of guidelines. However, this time, they have done it, unfailingly. A writer of the popular magazine Forbes named Lawyer Tyson Cross has also written about such guidelines of IRS in Forbes, at length. There are many other clients who have reported of the same reception of such letters.

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  • It has come to reports that the prices of Bitcoin have descended below $11,500 this Wednesday. The pattern has taken the shape of the fictional character Bart Simpson’s head. The predominant cryptocurrency had gone past $12000 but there was an abrupt descend only hours later from that. It rose high to $12,145 and slid down to $11,438 in that very afternoon. The unwelcoming pattern of Bart’s head, as so it has been named after the fictional character, Bart Simpson. It has, consequently, driven the crypto market to decay. The crypto industry had to incur a severe market sell-off. It is learned that newly-published research has affirmed that Bitcoin and crypto-currencies have led to the formation of an inverse correlation with the S&P 500. Nevertheless, it is also being noticed that both stock and crypto markets are in risk now. Bitcoin has come down by 0.55%. the Dow Jones industrial average loses 0.53% and the S and P sliding 0.31% for the day. The profits, it is learned, were to relinquish them in a vicious sell-off only hours later to the gains. Structure of Bart’s head wrecks havoc on the crypto domain Bitcoin had to suffer a huge loss by the unwelcoming Bart Simpson technical pattern. This pattern is consistently unwelcoming because the price spikes trade sideways and then swerve low to the point of collapse which is its original level. It has been named the “Bart” formation by the armchair traders as the pattern of lines are reminiscent of the head of Bart Simpson which is analogously spiked. This is a very rare occasion for the crypto traders but whenever it rears it’s head then it is because there are manipulators striving to exploit the market at the expense of retail traders. This pattern is heavily detrimental to the crypto market and hence intimidating to the operators of the market. The crypto market is operated under strict vigils and therefore, such forebodings are hard to sense and fortunately rare for this very reason. However, the stalwartz associated with the industry are devising ways to have riddance of such havocs, keeping in mind that no more losses or taints are caused to the market. It is also learned that preventive measures would be taken so that they can out-maneuver every kind of prospective threats. Speculatively, the security on technological terms would be strengthened even more. News Source: TheCoinRepublic  

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  • After Bitcoin prices dwindling from the past couple of weeks, Bitcoin suddenly soared this week, with the bitcoin price rising more than 20% in the last seven days and jumping over $500 per bitcoin in a matter of minutes last night, only to fall back again. The abrupt bitcoin price rally was largely put down to the escalating U.S. China trade war that’s being stoked by President Donald Trump and yesterday caused China’s yuan currency to weaken to its lowest point in more than a decade, prompting Trump to label Beijing a currency manipulator — but new data suggests there could be more to the latest bitcoin bull run. Many cryptocurrency experts and analysts were quick to suggest that bitcoin’s rise in tandem with the fall in the yuan means it’s becoming a safe haven asset, despite its extreme volatility and no one being able to accurately predict what bitcoin will do next. However, it would appear the bitcoin price suddenly soared last night before China announced an increase to the yuan’s reference rate, with analysis of trade volume data by The Block, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry website, finding the catalyst was unusually high bitcoin volume on Binance, the world’s largest bitcoin and crypto exchange. Bitcoin, despite being the most widely-traded cryptocurrency with volumes into the billions of dollars every day, still struggles with wild price swings due to so-called market whales moving large volumes of bitcoin at above or below the current market value. News Source: TheCoinRepublic

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