Whether it is Obama’s government or Trump’s government, we need to recognize who our enemy truly is: The Federal Mafia. Donald Trump, by imposing tariffs on China (and much of the rest of the world, for that matter) has circumvented the Constitution, gone around Congress, and imposed tax increases on the American people, and most […]The post Ep 450 – Federal Mafia appeared first on PREUSSPODCAST.COM.

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  • I love how those that hate states rights applaud each time a state allows same-sex marriage, in a direct contradiction of the federal law which they so admire. However, I would love to hear others opinions on these topics, from minarchists to anarchists. How do you think state’s rights will continue to serve as a reinforcing issue in LGBT rights. And what happens when federal law is passed allowing universal same-sex marriage, and states still refuse to comply?

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  • Against: For: Thoughts?

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  • This is a question that libertarians and constitutional conservatives have different views and answers on. Some libertarians are anarchist and want no state to exist per Murray Rothbard. Others prefer a LIMITED govt that only provides certain services like police, courts & military per Ludwig Von Mises; or even don’t a very limited welfare state per F.A. Hayek or the Chicago School of Economics. This forum is to sort out how limited govt should be according to what libertarians and anarchists think.

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  • Thoughts?

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  • Federal Judge May Declare Pot’s Classification As Schedule 1 Narcotic Unconstitutional | Ben Swann Truth In Media Have you ever wondered why it took a constitutional amendment to ban beer but marijuana did not need one?

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