Gun grabbers are alive and well in Deerfield, Illinois. In the north Chicago suburb it is now illegal to own a semiautomatic firearm, including rifles, as well as shotguns and even pistols. Whether this open assault on the second amendment will be taken up in courts is yet to be revealed, but it puts gun owners on guard. The left laughed at folks who thought, “they want to take our guns”. Now the NRA has been proven RIGHT!

Both the left and right (and sometimes at the same time) are saying that we should either defend Syria’s borders, not defend America’s border, leave both alone, defend both… Let’s just go back to the ROLE of government for a moment. If there is a role for government, it is to protect the nation itself – at the very least, our boarders need to be secure. Bring the troops home, and put them to use in AMERICA!

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  • Kick off the discussion on the upcoming guide, Building an Armory from Scratch! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Guide_building-an-armory-from-scratch.

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  • Can government “buy-back” programs of fire arms may lead to the government selling them on the black market for profit.

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  • I’ve had several. 45 cal. Colt 1911, 357 mag, Glock .40 cal. Several semi- auto shotguns. Which is your favorite?

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  • h

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  • In the event of a complete meltdown in the United States which I totally see coming with all the craziness going on, I want a rifle in addition to my build AR-15 that not only I can trust, but know that it will fire in sand, mud, and water, along with knowing that should I bury it and dig it up years later, it will still function like no other. That is the AK-47. It’s true, the reason why I build my own AR initially was not only was everything relatively cheap, but 5.56/.223 is quite common in the US, unlike 7.62 which is hard to come by let alone, not many people have since the AR-15 is so common. Even so, the AR requires much more cleaning which I don’t have time to do, hence why I want to build one. However, I ask for your help Liberty community.   Is there anyone that’s aware of AK build parties in the San Diego area? If so, where can I find one along with an AK parts kit (particularly one where I can get a folding stock for compactness?)

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