Tim makes the mistake of asking Ande what “Turf Toe” is. Horribly disgusting! Listen to Ande describe it, and hear Tim cringe in anguish. Sports clearly are a problem for humans. No more exercise!

Even though Ande didn’t need a doctor to treat his injury, he wouldn’t have minded if the doctor wasn’t white. There are people who actually care about such silly things as race.

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  • Is anyone else enthusiastic about anthropologists’ denial of the existence and/or importance of human races? In particular any other enthusiasts for Jared Diamond on race? The above is a link to “Race Without Colour” (Discover Magazine)

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  • This is one of the best discussions I have seen on this controversial topic: Thoughts?

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  • Who is filling them out? Here are mine: Men’s: Women’s:

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  • There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the NCAA and whether or not the players should get paid to play. Some critics of the current system say that they should get paid because of the time commitment required. Other critics are OK with them not getting paid but are against the practice of them not being able to receive gifts from recruiters and agents. I think it’s an interesting topic from the liberty perspective because some people might see this as free labor/servitude, which we know can be a controversial topic in a lot of political circles! What do you think about all of it?

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