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This week’s special guest is libertarian superstar Tom Woods from The Tom Woods Show! See you there!

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  • I knew Christopher Cantwell from the beginning, I liked him for a very short time, then he made it his job to create immature bickering. And maybe with this I’m only giving someone like this ammo. I told him awhile back that when he was looking to get published on Lew Rockwell for the first time that he shouldn’t expect to be hosted on a site like that, he’s way too low brow. He’s been published twice. This guy is gaining traction merely from bickering, not infighting as he calls it, to me infighting (as Chris would agree) is just sparring, it’s a helpful way to get stronger. Chris spreads hate and divides people over issues they agree on by focusing on definitions. The question by Tom Woods on who is destroying what libertarianism is starts at 14:00 and many great people are mentioned. However, if you want full context I recommend the whole interview. What are your thoughts?

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  • I would argue decentralized direct democracy with administrators of public will (as opposed to politicians) who would outsource the various public projects to the best providers from the free market.

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  • I’m an Anesthesiologist and am trying to reach out to other Anesthesiologists in the nation to request their support. This year at the society meeting (over 15K attendees) the ASA has Dr. Michael Portman, an economist, head of the Harvard Business school… as the keynote speaker.  I’d like to counter with an Austrian economist at next year’s conference in Boston.  I’ve corresponded with Tom Woods, and now just need to get the ASA to hear from members and/or attendees, that they’d like the ASA to invite Dr. Woods. I’d be most grateful for any and all help getting ASA members, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, anesthesia assistants, to contact the ASA and encourage them to invite Dr. Tom Woods. [email protected] even if you could forward my request to folks you believe may be able to assist, I’d be grateful!   thanks!

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  • People of the early colonies were “subjects” until the Declaration of Independence and the revolutionary war.  The claim is at that time “the people” through off the rule of the king and became sovereign.  After forming a Confereration, there is something missing in the explanation of how states got “created” and then without any mention of a delegation of the authority for the creation of more states (corporations) the United States (the corporation) just appears out of thin air.  I am hoping that some of you who have little use for “states” or “statism” can help clear this up

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  • Against: For: Thoughts?

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