Bloodbath On Wall Street And The Ignorance Of The Masses

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  • I’ve been doing some searching… research on the topic of how libertarians (in general) and anarcho-capitalists (specifically) may approach the issue of mass-scale health threats, such as Ebola. I’ve not found much; therefore, I would love to hear any discussion or ideas from my fellow liberty lovers. How might an anarcho-capitalist world handle outbreaks, such as the Ebola virus? One rather simplistic idea is to create a bounty that everyone could contribute to, in order to raise funds which would pay the individual(s)/group(s) who can provide a cure… as well as funds to provide for research costs. I won’t go into the details of this approach, but if you have anything to add, please do so. Otherwise, I’d appreciate other creative ideas and approaches to this serious topic. Thanks!

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  • I was watching a comedy and these various communist quotes were mentioned by one of the characters. I tried to question these quotes but have been unable to ask myself the right questions. Some suggestions would be very much appreciated: “You’ve got to fight the system. You are falling victim to an oppressive bourgeois dictatorship which has been subjugating the masses and their struggle for dignity, equality and basic human rights.” “It’s a common excuse [it’s just family only] for the exclusion of the proletariat from the festivities of the capitalist middle-class elite.” “I was becoming of those bourgeoisie proletarians that need to exercise our right to self-expression in defiance of the ruling classes.” This quote was from a different comedy (3rd Rock from the Sun) but I still don’t know what question or questions I should be asking myself regarding this quote: “You’re an inspiration to all neo-Trotskyite anti-Stalinist Marxists.”

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