I recognize I’m in the minority here but this conspiracy is utterly ridiculous.  Listen to this episode before you go running your mouth reckless.

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  • The folks at Paranoid American have published three issues of an absolutely thrilling and funny comic book called Time Samplers.  Main characters Lex and Cal investigate conspiracy theories through pyschedelic time travel!  It is very educational for the uninitiated, and there are many gems for even the most avid conspiracy theory researcher.  The artwork is fantastic and the characters are very engaging, to include antagonist Col. Zarota.  I give this series my highest recommendation!

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  • Hi everyone, We could all use a good laugh these days, so just thought I’d pass along one of our new animated videos. For Liberty, The Wry Guys

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  • Decades from now, when the leading political figures of this era are dead or dying and will thus not be prosecuted for anything, classified information from this era will be released. This will show that Ambassador Chris Stevens either knew something, did something, or was about to do something that the Obama regime hated. Killing one’s own ambassador would be political suicide, but when violence broke out in Benghazi, Obama, Clinton, and the rest chose not to let a crisis go to waste.

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  • Just throwing this idea out there and look forward to comments. Over the years, especially with Alex J and Jesse V, I see a lot of conspiracy theories being used in seemingly every place possible to steer the reasons why a certain event took place toward some kind of globalist or evil corporation as the cause. For example, Jesse V just released a video on YT talking about electronic voting having a risk of being hacked to change election results. I’m sure you can think of tons of other examples (9/11, etc). Here’s my idea or how I think about possible explanations for strange events: do you really think it is possible to bribe or threaten every member of the ballot counting team, or every emergency worker involved in 9/11 to force them to a certain narrative of how it all went down, to shut them up, etc? I think the existence of people like Julian E and Edward S is evidence that whistle blowers are everywhere, and luckily for us, most people are of good conscience and do not let immorality be buried (assuming they view the act as immoral). It is simply impossible to create a vast conspiracy because it depends on far too many individuals whose allegiance is not secured. Its much more likely 1 of them will leak information (and it just takes 1). On the other hand, a small conspiracy is easily carried out, although we call it common crime, or secrets we may have, or jokes we play on people. Why? Because it involves a very small number of people. But vast conspiracies are simply impossible without a cult following and cyanide pills. Though saying all that, the b Laden event is pretty shady and I hope in the future we find out what really happened.

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