The magic of the internet is that anyone can get their message in front of thousands or millions of people at any time.

But everyone has an agenda. And we’re emotional beings. So everyone is motivated to play on the emotions of everyone else.

“If it bleeds, it leads” is a tale as old as time. Social media and news media are more the same than different, and they play by the same rules.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that hysteria rules the day.

Into this context, then, let’s talk coronavirus, the collapse of oil prices, and the teetering stock market.

Everyone is scaremongering about all of the above. Why? What do they want from you?

Should you be panicking? Or is now a time to capitalize on opportunities created by other people’s bad decisions?

Listen now to find out!

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  • I shied away from using debt for a long time… I feel that I’m missing some opportunity by doing it, though. I think the turnaround in gold and silver is right around the corner, and I want to buy more physical. I’d rather not use all of my saved cash, as I like to have that ready to spring on opportunities in the stock market. What are your thoughts on using a 0%APR credit card (which would also give cash back bonuses and points for a large purchase) to buy some silver coins? Best, James

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  • History shows that control of the individual is achieved through the factors of production: labor, land, capital control through labor = slavery control through land = feudalism control through capital = the debt system Government is not necessary to control individuals through the factors of production. It is only necessary to own the factor of production. A study of history reveals multiple examples of this control. Are there any examples when this control of the individual through the factors of production has not existed?

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  • If the system collapses because of all the debt & money printing, and my bank fails, what happens to my mortgage that I have with that bank? Assuming that I can maintain payment of my debts throughout, would that mean that I will be debt free upon their collapse? If someone else buys that banks assets, will my mortgage still be payable? Can they call in my debt and ask for full settlement?

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  • I find discussion of philosophy to the exclusion of practical ideas frustrating. I’m into practical, bite-sized ideas to bring about liberty on a personal scale. I don’t see enough of that in the liberty community. So rather than stand around and bitch about it, I figured I’d go ahead and start a discussion for practical, DIY, bite sized ideas that most of us can implement. I’d like to try this structure assuming you’re amenable. First, describe the bite sized idea. Then describe briefly how it contributes to liberty on a personal or general level, and finally tell is if you’ve done it and how it worked out? Or the WHAT the WHY and FEEDBACK. I’ll start with a couple so you can see what I have in mind: The idea: Open carry of handguns in those areas where legal. How it contributes to liberty: on a personal level, carrying a firearm drives out the fear. Most of the reason why we have police or other inefficient, centrally managed security arrangements is that people (reasonably) have a fear of street crime or violence. By carrying openly, you drive down the fear factor for yourself and others. In addition, it prevents unnecessary violent confrontations with predators. Feedback: I open carry frequently. Some of the issues of concern I frequently hear from folks who don’t OC is that you will be hassled, people will be frightened, etc. My personal experience has been quite different. Most people don’t notice. Interactions with police are infrequent and I have yet to have a problem with them. Property owners don’t care for the most part. The idea: raise bees. How it contributes to liberty: increased self sufficiency, is one of the few types of livestock that can be raised in an urban area, can be concealed fairly easily in case of busybodies, provides honey and bees for barter or income. They will also cause your garden to go hog wild. Feedback: I have more beehives than I intended. I got into it for the honey, but I just plain like bees. The honey is really, really good. Unlike the slop you tend to get at the supermarket.

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