If you listen to the media–and even many of your friends & family–they’ll tell you to “watch out,” “be careful,” “play it safe,” and “don’t risk too much.”

This is because they look at the world as a dangerous place that just keeps getting worse.

But that’s not true. We live in the greatest time in human history, and things just keep getting better.

Change your mindset. Change your life.

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  • The State will never be abolished because it does provide a valuable service! Thus, rather than being abolished it will be defined and refined just as property rights/human rights are defined and refined. The two go hand in hand. The role of government is to protect persons and property from fraud and violence. As property rights/human rights are defined and refined then the potential exists for the State to exist in a proper form. One of the ways to move towards a classical liberalism society is to strengthen property rights. As we all know they are being weakened now. But every person can appreciate their own property rights so there is a common interest in fighting back against the mistaken role of the State. This is all a part of the education that leads to an understanding of the connection between liberty and prosperity.

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  • Hello Liberty Lovers! I am currently working on a little project with a friend as a way to increase our understanding and knowledge of economic history. We are putting together an argument to support free-markets as the best way to reduce and ultimately eliminate poverty. We are looking for historical sources so we can isolate periods of rapid improvement and correlate them with general economic and monetary policies. I am confident in our logic, so we are looking for raw data. What do you find to be the best and most reliable sources for this kind of data? Thank You All!

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  • Which do you think is an effective way of spreading the message of LIBERTY… of getting our message out there ??!!

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