The guys discuss the Nice Attack and Japan’s return to fascism before Justin rips into the New Ghostbusters movie. They also consider a listener’s comment on Iron Man’s sacrifice in The Avengers and if it’s a problem that three men wrote the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

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  • Australia has had its first case in ages, of fake cops trying to pull someone over, a woman. Its a very dangerous situation because the only solution suggested by the police is to run from the Police! It also, in this case, may have been terrorist related. One of the incidents that started the balkan war was a set of police attack on Serbs and Muslims by what are now believed to be fake cops. People were attacked by cops claiming to be from the other ethnic group but seem to have been the same people. Agent provocateur’s.

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  • @massimomazzone writes: “So, let’s discuss the elephant in the room. A couple of days ago was the anniversary of Oklahoma, was Timothy McVeigh morally justified? I am fed up with this “tactically counter-productive” and other B.S. Was he morally justified? Even if a lot of “dupes” or whatever Spooner called them, were killed, including children? I do not think so, but I would love to see a debate. I grew up in Italy as a Communist Party member when the Red brigades were killing people, personally, I have been vaccinated against violence. What about you guys?” Thoughts?

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  • Trance & General EDM   Trance /trans/noun   a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium. Trance is often and widely credited as music exclusively for people with a high IQ. Maybe. High IQ people sure like classical too and there are a lot of similarities. To me, Trance is a state of mind. A consciousness. A state where the mind is free to imagine, to delve deep into conscious and unconscious thought. A chance to contemplate on life, the universe or any other matter of interest. Trance is freedom. Real freedom. In theory, trance is the soundtrack to your personal heaven. Trance is for the philosophical, the enlightened and the open-minded. Surely Trance, wildly reviled by people that have never heard any (never!!!!!), is welcome in a home of free thinking libertarians! I present to you, some random thoughts on trance…. As broad as the genre is, let me try to set the stage. Imagine Classical music evolving into modern chill out music, and then into something slightly more upbeat, more uplifting… from there, the universe is endless… (Trance is also deeply associated with ‘outer space’ or the ‘universe’ at large)   Classical music lovers should be OK starting here: Classical Translation by Lowland – a mix of trance music redone in classical style   Next, a selection of fairly chilled out tracks I put together a long time ago. (I did have a mixed version, but lost it in a hard drive crash. The first track is also missing)   From here on out, the genre awaits. Here are a few random tracks (it’s a very broad genre): Moonbeam (Russia) – Life Tree     Warming up a little more: Breakfast  (USA) – Sunlight   And skipping literally to the other end of the spectrum: Pascal Feliz (Netherlands) – Reflect   Do you like Trance or any form of EDM – share it here!! Where are you from? What DJs do you like? What artists? What events? Where should we meet?

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