Another year, another season ending award show. Before (or while) you watch the ball drop this NYE, join us as we reflect on the best in news and entertainment…and the rest of awesome stuff that everyone forgot. We also announce the recipients of our second annual awards. Who will win the prestigious Romantic Manifestation title?

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  •   I think we should have a world wide competition to see what member of the ruling class tries to act upon the most mundane, senseless or foolish case. So please post any and all nominations here. A link to the story is preferred and a brief statement is good. The event must take place in the year 2015. I think the award will be a glass of lemonade in honor of all those childhood lemonade stands that do not have business licenses or health inspection. Petty Tyrants Local 731 This competition is for petty tyrants. Evil dictators and major abusers will have their own award presented in Hell. At the end of the year we will try creating a poll based on most liked nominations for members to vote on.

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  • For those of you who were able to attend Freedom Fest 2015, recap your experience! What did you love? What did you dislike?   I for one absolutely love the people you get to meet at things like this!

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