The guys witness the debate over wearing masks to protect against COVID-19, the toppling of historical statues, and the end of Aunt Jemima.

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  • Throughout our history there have been pandemics. As science has developed the better people have become at dealing with it. But we have seen something very different with Covid-19. It is almost a return to something like the Middle Ages, where you are declared ‘unlean’ if you have it and are required to stay away from everyone else. If you get the worst symptoms of Covid-19 it sounds very bad and as we know, if you are vulnerable, lethal. But so is flu. So why have our politicians decided to lockdown society? Is it a strange form of group think that made them all follow suit, with some exceptions?  Are the public unable to cope with something like this that there was no other option but to shut society down? If that is the case, why has that happened? Are politicians so scared of not being seen to take action that they felt they had to do this, otherwise they would lose at the next election? Or is this an attempt by politicians to take back control after being challenged by voters during the last few years?

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