Following a weekend of extreme tragedy and unexpected victory, we discuss wallbreaking heroes. In this episode, Daniel laments the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, and Justin heaps praise on Deadpool. One’s probably emotionally healthier than the other, but let’s not fault a guy for appreciating a witty justice seeker who redefined the rules.

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  • Do they already exist? If they don’t I think it would be an awesome thing. If they do, we need more of them. As an Students for Liberty Campus Coordinator I’ve found that one of the biggest barriers to getting students in fields other than economics, public policy, political science, and journalism (myself included) is the lack of networking and career benefit being involved in the movement gets us. It seems like every time I talk to someone about my professional plans (product design) they’re answer is pretty much always “That’s awesome! We need that. Good luck.” I know there are plenty of awesome libertarian buisnesspeople out there. We should tap into that and use it as a wedge to get more wealth-generators involved!!

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  • Just a quick poll! Please explain your reasoning- if you care to

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  • Link: Thoughts?

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  • After the death of Antonin Scalia here has been a lot of talk about appointments to the supreme court and whether it ought to be put off.  These miss the point because regardless of who ends up taking his place, SCOTUS has a built in conflict of interest.  It is an agency of the United States government and yet is supposed to act on the constitutionality of laws of the US.  I call for a constitutional amendment that would make supreme court justices nominated, appointed, and paid by the state governments in rotation (the mechanics to be worked out).  Thus the various states, who contracted with each other to found the US, would have final say over whether the US was overstepping its bounds.

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  • Every time there is a shooting the media hypes the event and there is much misinformation. Does anyone have a lead on actual good statistics?

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