The guys witness Colorado students walking out of a school shooting vigil, the Chicago Cubs banning a fan over a “racist” hand gesture. Justin also finally reviews Avengers: Endgame.

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  • Hey, so I will be co-president of my university’s libertarian group and president of the secular student alliance next year. Aside from a separation of church and state event, what might be a cool event or presentation to do that could help members of either group learn more about the other? Note: a large number of our campus’ libertarians are non-religious and a large number of our secular student group members (Secular Student Alliance) are socially left and economically all over the place.

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  • Chicago police are running a horrifying CIA-style black site out of a warehouse | The Verge Some say The Slippery Slope is not a valid argument, but when things slide in scale it is creepy-real. What we used to condemn as Stalinist schemes then was done by the US military and CIA, now we see the attitude permeating down into the civilian military (once called officers of the peace, or police)

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