This week we delve into what we have in common with Social Justice Warriors; we’re both waiting for the Dawn of Justice. Their justice is just a little…farcical. We unpack the offensive nature of glaciers and emojis before turning to to a Batman Barrage in our entertainment discussion. (Note: There is an audio issue during the introductions which immediately stops at the beginning of the news segment.)

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  • I asked about your favorite comic books (and expected a flood of replies!), but I forgot to mention what may be the most important comic book in our tradition. Yesterday, the Libertarian Liquidationist reminded us of THE comic book for libertarians: The Berlin Batman, in which an alternate-history version of the Dark Knight tries to foil the Nazi’s confiscation of Ludwig von Mises’s papers. I learned about this post because the LL includes a link to an old blog post of mine, in which I quote Brian Doherty and link to Paul Cantor on this perfect storm of pop culture and Austrolibertarian history.

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