The guys witness people protesting Facebook with a giant emoji balloon, Disney and Georgia, and incels and plastic surgery. Justin also reviews Booksmart and Rocketman.

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  • So I’ve been around for about a day now. The difference here from facebook is staggering. Really just amazingly different. Facebook always has negative posts, with only a few exceptions. I have to dig through my news feed (which I always need to manually reset to “newest stories”) in order to find something uplifting. Usually, it’s RT bitching about something in America or Occupy Canada bitching about Stephen Harper or one of my friends bitching about what’s happening in their lives. There’s really just a lot of bitching on facebook. Not so on Unlike facebook, I don’t have to be friends with someone to read what they have to say. This is not a consumer culture here where I am constantly bombarded by advertising I don’t care about. That’s why I’m willing to dig out 14 dollars a month- I would much rather pay up front for a site than let the advertisers threaten to take away revenue if they don’t like what’s going on. Did I mention the big chat rooms? You can chat with anybody at any time. Not so with facebook, where you have to go out of your way to join a group in order to chat with everyone at once. Even then, the members of the group might not be online all at once. With, you can talk to anyone on the site at any time. It really is quite brilliant. Also, the best part: everyone is so nice here. I have yet to meet a person who automatically disagrees with something I said just because I posted it in a public forum. That seems to be the way of it on facebook. As soon as I post a contrary opinion, people come out of the woodwork to smash it all down. I sometimes wonder whether there aren’t government agents trolling about facebook looking to derail conversations from going a certain way. I’ve heard about such things happening on open forums. So I guess, if I had to summarize, I’m really happy this place is here. The only reason I still have my facebook account is to keep in touch with my friends in different areas of the world. If they all came here, I would just close it and leave the NSA data mining behind.

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  • I have been paying attention to the craziness going on over on YouTube and I think it would be a good idea for all of us to post links to alternate social media sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are starting to try to shut down a lot of people so I think it is a good idea to start finding backups at the very least. I will list the few I am aware of I will add I have not yet used any of these… this is a firearms based site and it has come up a few times in conversation on other sites as the back up location for most of the major firearms content producers should YouTube and Facebook start shutting them out. this has been recommended by multiple YouTubers as a back up site should things get to bad. My understanding is it is still in beta however. If anyone is wondering what YouTubers they are Black Pigeon Speaks and Computing Forever but my understanding is a LOT of YouTubers have already moved there. This one was mentioned by Black Pigeon Speaks and I think it is for mobile only but I am simply putting everything I am aware of on this list. If you are aware of any other sites please add to this list. Also goes without saying

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  • Here are 3 questions I’ve been wrestling with for years (and more intensely since I became a dad). At what point does a child become a full-blown self-owner? What duties do parents (or other caregivers) have toward children before that point? Any? Am I committing “aggression” against my infant son when I pin his failing legs down so that I can get his pyjamas on?

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  • “A lot of naive libertarians claim that they have a right to end their lives without thinking a little deeper. One can do a lot of things in private with nobody around as long as nobody is disturbed. But the right to end one’s own life is even more restricted than other private actions. A hero can disrupt one’s suicide with 100% impunity. Nobody can be charged with disrupting another’s right to end own life. Why is this? Think hard. Suicide is the action to end one’s life and most(if not) rights associated with a living person. The right to suicide is an anti-right. Anti-right is NOT a right. This is another logical reason why human beings always try to save life and restore rights to the person being saved.” An individual can/cannot commit suicide. Someone may/may not assist in suicide. Someone may/may not issue a do-not-resuscitate order. An individual can/cannot issue a power of attorney to another to make life & death decisions. The trustee/attorney/decision maker can/cannot decide on suicide for their beneficiary. A parent is/is not the guardian/trustee of their children. A parent can/cannot make life or death decisions for their children. A parent can/cannot make life or death decisions for their children before they are born. The penalty for murder is/is not restitution. A doctor/hospital is/is not required to keep an indignant patient alive on life support. Discuss.

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  • Who on here has heard of or is already on Ello? Ello’s big selling point is that it has no ads, but it still faces an uphill battle trying to become relevant in a Facebook dominated world. Do you think it has any chance of becoming relevant?

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