The guys are joined by Don Watkins of the Center for Industrial Progress to discuss the recent terror attack in Manchester and play a round of Woke or Joke. Justin and Daniel also review Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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  • Alright, why the hell don’t we have a libertarian jokes thread yet? I’ll start. During a libertarian meetup one evening, the conversation turned to thin vs thick libertarianism. The conversation quickly escalated with one half of the room yelling that they were the true libertarians and the other half declaring that it was their libertarianism that was more pure. The host of the meetup, educated though he was in libertarian philosophy, didn’t know what to do. After the meeting finally ended without any more consensus than when it had started, he visited an elderly friend who had been deeply involved in libertarianism for many decades. “Tell me,” said the meetup host, “is thin libertarianism correct?” The old man answered, “It sounds like that’s an important perspective.” “Well then is thick libertarianism the more true form of libertarianism?” asked the host. The old man replied, “Well, that sounds like an important perspective, too.” Frustrated, the host replied “Surely you can give me something better than that. Every week, my members just fight and yell at each other over what true libertarianism is and…” “Yes,” interrupted the old man, ” Yes, that is true libertarianism.”

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  • Thoughts?

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  • @massimomazzone writes: “So, let’s discuss the elephant in the room. A couple of days ago was the anniversary of Oklahoma, was Timothy McVeigh morally justified? I am fed up with this “tactically counter-productive” and other B.S. Was he morally justified? Even if a lot of “dupes” or whatever Spooner called them, were killed, including children? I do not think so, but I would love to see a debate. I grew up in Italy as a Communist Party member when the Red brigades were killing people, personally, I have been vaccinated against violence. What about you guys?” Thoughts?

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  • I dutifully watched Atlas Shrugged Part III, which was released on September 12 to local movie theaters. As expected, there were not many people in my theater. I must admit that I have a hard time arguing with the one (somewhat negative) review I have seen: The film was obviously fairly low budget, and I did not find the philosophical content much higher or very persuasive. Even if this film was seen by large numbers of people, I doubt they would be very inspired or educated. From that point of view, the high point of the film was where John Galt was being offered great economic power by the US President, when Galt said “that kind of power should not exist”.  But I think that there should have been stronger emphasis on the fact that Galt was being tortured in order to force him to become an economic dictator (under the President).  As portrayed, it simply looked like they were trying to hurt him because they didn’t like what he did or said. I was somewhat turned-off by the masses chanting “We want John Galt” — as if they were looking for a new dictator to replace the President. The movie portrayed a decaying society, but could have better emphasized how modern fascism of regulation is at least as economically destructive as socialism. On a less cerebral level, I was turned-off by the chocolate cake that Dagney and John were eating. Also, John’s partly unshaven face reinforced my impression that for many women being partly unshaven is very sexy.

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  • Australia has had its first case in ages, of fake cops trying to pull someone over, a woman. Its a very dangerous situation because the only solution suggested by the police is to run from the Police! It also, in this case, may have been terrorist related. One of the incidents that started the balkan war was a set of police attack on Serbs and Muslims by what are now believed to be fake cops. People were attacked by cops claiming to be from the other ethnic group but seem to have been the same people. Agent provocateur’s.

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