The guys witness the Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault accusation hearings, the distracted boyfriend meme, and New York requiring mental health curriculum in its public schools. Justin also reviews Burning Sands.

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  • Hi everyone- I hope this belongs here, and if it belongs elsewhere I’m happy to be redirected. I’m new to this site. I’m here because of my experiences with CPS in NY. Horrific. Nazi style. Armed police officers waking up a family at 6 a.m. Arresting a 14-yr-old who’s getting ready to go to school. Crazy drama, ongoing for three years, and not letting up. Case is in court, for no good reason other than a CPS caseworker who blatantly lies to the court and states my child is in danger, and upon execution of the warrant, when asked by the judge what is the danger, he is unable to articulate any danger. In fact, told the judge that the child is doing very well. In fact, child’s court-appointed said to judge, ”ACS is harassing my client”. Two police home invasions in the past year. Trauma upon trauma, resulting in return of cancer for me. Really needing to find a way to close this case. Any liberty minded attorney can help out please? Much appreciated!

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