Justin and William witness the outrage mob, the attack on plastic straws, and San Francisco telling workers how to eat lunch.

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  • Hi everyone! I am trying to get a group of libertarians together for a meetup to watch the third Atlas Shrugged movie in SF. Please RSVP on Facebook. Thanks!

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  • Libertarians only believe in individuals, not a fictional society often used to justify extortion and theft. What would a libertarian say about the actions of a mob? If a mob committed a crime, is that a failure of society? Or are individual actors within the mob responsible for their own actions? What about a crowd tsunami that crushes and kills someone? No one individual alone used enough force to kill the person, but several dozen or hundreds may have. Is there a society or mob in that case? Who bears responsibility for the crime? Is there a crime? Is there justification for violating individual rights in order to prevent such occurrences? Is there justification for violating individual rights for the good of society?

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