As we learned in House, everybody lies. We review David Shore’s new show “Sneaky Pete” in which he forefronts that axiom. We also discuss some of the cultural lies we tell ourselves with White Feminism and the coddling of the American mind.

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  • There are some ways in which buying a house can be a path to independent living.   On the other hand, we’re expecting currency devaluation and the housing market is propped up on limbo rates. Is it worth taking on debt to buy? Will inflation eat away at the principal, or would you have been better off in PMs?   Have you bought recently? What factored into your decision?

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  • I have found that by talking to other avid Potter fans, most libertarians, or libertarian-leaning conservatives, identify as either Ravenclaws or Slytherins, with very few Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors added into the mix. So, simply put, what house do you identify as, and why?   As admin of Pottermore-Ravenclaw, I guess maybe that says a lot about which house I’m from. 😉

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