In our first ever Thanksgiving episode, we take on the growing movement to help people not be “stuck” working on the holiday and following shopping holiday. We also tear apart Marvel’s latest offerings, the Captain America: Civil War trailer and their second Netflix series Jessica Jones.

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  • Episode 1 and 2 are up.  Isn’t isn’t great yet, but I would love any input you all have to make it better. Episode 1: The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Government Episode 2: Liberty Minded TV Shows

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  • Could one argue that family dinners during Thanksgiving work against the profit motive because no one pays to attend them, thus nurturing dependency before Christmas?  IS THIS SOME GLOBALIST SCHEME to bankrupt the family, or just a marketing one to optimize the number of gift givers around Black Friday?

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  • I’ve been following a lot of the commentary pertaining to the bitcoin blockchain block size limit.  Many acknowledge that Satoshi introduced the 1 MB block size as a spam control measure, yet they all argue about replacing the 1 MB limit with another limit (or means of automatically adjusting the limit).  It finally occurred to me that if the limit is meant for spam control, and the limit is problematic, we need a new spam control mechanism rather than a new limit.  Can anyone suggest an alternative to block size limits?  What if mining fees increased exponentially with transaction size (data size in bytes, not value)?  Feel free to include related thoughts, e.g. tenor of the debate, etc.

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