The guys witness Ayn-Rand-Villain Mark Zuckerberg asking for government regulation of social media, the South Park creators “coming out” as Republicans, and the “toxic meritocracy” of video games. Daniel reviews the season 10 premiere of Roseanne and leads a spirited round of Woke or Joke?

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  • Alright, why the hell don’t we have a libertarian jokes thread yet? I’ll start. During a libertarian meetup one evening, the conversation turned to thin vs thick libertarianism. The conversation quickly escalated with one half of the room yelling that they were the true libertarians and the other half declaring that it was their libertarianism that was more pure. The host of the meetup, educated though he was in libertarian philosophy, didn’t know what to do. After the meeting finally ended without any more consensus than when it had started, he visited an elderly friend who had been deeply involved in libertarianism for many decades. “Tell me,” said the meetup host, “is thin libertarianism correct?” The old man answered, “It sounds like that’s an important perspective.” “Well then is thick libertarianism the more true form of libertarianism?” asked the host. The old man replied, “Well, that sounds like an important perspective, too.” Frustrated, the host replied “Surely you can give me something better than that. Every week, my members just fight and yell at each other over what true libertarianism is and…” “Yes,” interrupted the old man, ” Yes, that is true libertarianism.”

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  • Malcolm Heights posted a cute lawyer joke and I thought it would be good to have a thread of them. Wayne Allen Root told this one recently (or something like it). New Jersey has 75% of the nations toxic waste sites and California has 75% of the lawyers. Why? Because New Jersey got to choose first.   Ba dum bum.    

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