New shows are upon us, but are they any good or has Netflix destroyed our culture’s love for network television? We answer these questions after defending free speech, masculinity, and….Hedge Fund Bro?

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  • Forgive me if I’m doing this wrong. But I don’t see a place to just post links to get a discussion going like I do on Facebook. Anyway, this is my latest for ” Luckily, the legislation itself isn’t likely to make any difference. Govtrack gives it a 1% chance of being enacted. The larger problem at play here is that by seeking to ban every kind of speech feminists find distasteful, they discredit a movement with important and worthy goals. Campaigns like this wrongly associate feminists and others concerned about equal opportunity for girls with efforts to curtail speech rights and grow government. Creating a culture which is less hostile to young ladies’ well-being will require proposals which respect the First Amendment and allow a free and open marketplace of ideas.”

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  • Lots of young people have been called ‘snowflakes’ recently. This group likes ‘safe spaces’, appear easily offended and ‘call-out’ micro aggressions. But sadly all of this is about shutting down ideas and curtailing freedom of speech. This is not the work of a tender snowflake but of a militancy that appears to have taken a hold of many universities. Calling them snowflakes surely let’s them off the hook?

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  • I have been paying attention to the craziness going on over on YouTube and I think it would be a good idea for all of us to post links to alternate social media sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are starting to try to shut down a lot of people so I think it is a good idea to start finding backups at the very least. I will list the few I am aware of I will add I have not yet used any of these… this is a firearms based site and it has come up a few times in conversation on other sites as the back up location for most of the major firearms content producers should YouTube and Facebook start shutting them out. this has been recommended by multiple YouTubers as a back up site should things get to bad. My understanding is it is still in beta however. If anyone is wondering what YouTubers they are Black Pigeon Speaks and Computing Forever but my understanding is a LOT of YouTubers have already moved there. This one was mentioned by Black Pigeon Speaks and I think it is for mobile only but I am simply putting everything I am aware of on this list. If you are aware of any other sites please add to this list. Also goes without saying

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  • So, we are living in a new renaissance of TV.  I mean Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, etc.   Aside from the fact that all of these shows tend to have Libertarian undertones, it seems that the lack of broadcast television gatekeepers has opened up this new level media quality from writing to acting.  Could it just be that markets are opening up and competition is forcing a better quality show, or is it something more?  What are your thoughts on this shift from cable and broadcast TV that affects both consumption and production?  Am I right in my observation?

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