This is episode 216 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.

First of all, he’s BAAAAAACK! After a few weeks of running around the country, Daniel Brown is back in the hotseat and ready to talk Bitcoin. Don’t miss the big return!

For today’s show, we’ll do something a little different. We decided it might be fun to share all kinds of tidbits about ourselves, the history of YMB, and how we run things around here.

There’s no particular reason for this topic selection. We just realized that there are plenty of meta-YMB details worth mentioning so we thought we’d take part of an episode to let you in on it all.

Also today: Some thoughts on Ripple and other crypto scams. Bitcoin’s properties make it an excellent target for thieves, so we want to cover some of the countless ways that newbs have been burnt over the years.

Catch the livestream tonight at 9PM Eastern and check the list below for some of the specific stories we’ll cover!

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  • This is the one I use just because t is simple and tells you what you need to know

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  • Greetings all. Does anyone use Coinbase for their wallet/trading? If so, are you happy with them?

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  • Hi All, Does anyone on here know of any websites or apps where you can earn or make bitcoin? The reason I ask is because I hear about people who were conned out of earning bitcoin so just to ask if you know of any genuine websites and apps?

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  • While one segment of the us government is trying to require a safe and proper backdoor to everyone’s communication we simultaneously see how all of that is being counter hacked , and there is very little keeping uber-hacking tools out of the public.

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  • And we thought we were excited when ETH was 2.00 USD per ETH. 10 USD and up! Market cap is larger than all other crypto-currencies combined (minus BTC). Wouldn’t be surprised to see some pullback for a bit while short term traders take profits.      

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