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To kick things off today, we’ll dive into a discussion about a Bitcoin mining method called ASICBOOST. The concept makes Bitcoin miners as much as 30% more efficient, which could generate an estimated $100 million in additional annual revenue for a large mining operation. Efficiency is usually a good thing, but ASICBOOST comes with extra baggage that has been causing drama in the Bitcoin space.
First of all, the idea is patented. That might sound absurd, but it’s true. So tonight we’ll chat about what it means for Bitcoin. Would miners really respect this kind of patent?
But ASICBOOST gets even more interesting when it comes to Segregated Witness because the two technologies are not compatible. Some have theorized, then, that certain miners have been so hesitant to adopt SegWit because they are covertly profiting from this exploit. How likely is that? Is this why Roger Ver hates SegWit?
Then later in the show, we’ll cover some more positive SegWit news. While Bitcoin struggles to get miners on board with the improvement, the majority of Litecoin miners already support it, meaning it could kick in for the altcoin at any time. Is this good? What will happen when it starts?
We’ll have the scoop and endless opinions while we’re live tonight. Check the list below for some of the specific stories we’ll cover!
Is a Mining Manufacturer Blocking SegWit to Benefit from ASICBOOST?
BIP proposal: Inhibiting a covert attack on the Bitcoin POW function
SegWit Hype Sees Litecoin Price Pass $10 For First Time Since 2014
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  • This is the one I use just because t is simple and tells you what you need to know

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  • His latest charge is that Dash’s group gets unqualified financing. He is apparently showing the way that 10% of Dash’s square rewards are dispensed to Dash’s administration spending plan. In actuality, Dash Core Group does not have a syndication on subsidizing. The DAO can cast a ballot them out. Lee normally favors Litecoin’s framework where all improvement is financed by gifts. Lee erased the tweets identified with the abovementioned, so may have changed his assessment. A ton of early analysis from Lee against Dash was about Dash being instamined. At the point when Dash previously went live, around 2 million tokens were made in only a couple of days. This implies around 10–15% of Dash’s all out inventory was coincidentally made. This was evidently because of a mistake in Dash’s movable mining trouble. News Source: TheCoinRepublic

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  • Silsal, as the venture is titled, utilizes an electronic blockchain record framework to give full load perceivability and streamline exchange streams and supply chains. Whenever tried effectively, the Silsal blockchain task hopes to mechanize the trade, ID, and affirmation of load reports between Abu Dhabi ports and Belgium’s Port of Antwerp. Every partner demonstrations like a hub of a blockchain organize who gets the chance to get to and recognize the ongoing store network of the transported things. Abu Dhabi Ports has collaborated with its Belgian partner to start a blockchain-fueled production network pilot venture. News Source: TheCoinRepublic

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  • Trevon James has reported that to the reporter that, notwithstanding, the maker had as of late observed a portion of his accounts for their entertainment regard. To the degree YouTube characters go, James is doubtlessly not the most exceedingly terrible, and his 120,000 supporters on that stage show it. Here he is in January, not a long time before the drapery truly began to close on the BitConnect scheme, talking about it. By then he was at the same time defending BCC and its executives, saying that “in case they expected to deceive” they could have as of late left with everything starting at now. Note this is actually what BitConnect did sometime in the future………… News Source: TheCoinRepublic

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  • The whole digital currency market was in a severe red a week ago, the cost of a large portion of the cryptographic forms of money declined including Bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin money, Cardano and EOS. Litecoin broke it’s the obstruction of $70 and exchanged beneath the $76.00 and $74.00 bolster levels. The whole market was draining after the Tether-Bitfinex Saga, which antagonistically influenced the market and drives the cost of all significant cash down…………. News Source: TheCoinRepublic

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