This is episode 199 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.
The Bitcoin price is filthy high these days. And sure, we want to celebrate that. But some people recently pointed out another record Bitcoin high that’s way less exciting. According to some, this stat indicates that crypto is in deep doo-doo.
The number is related to Bitcoin transaction fees, but it’s a little different. (Although transaction fees are also rising and worth talking about tonight.) Rather, this stat is the actual energy cost to mine Bitcoin transactions. According to Motherboard, “itcoin miners worldwide could be using enough electricity to at any given time to power about 2.26 million American homes.”
In other words, it costs a buttload of dough to mine Bitcoin transactions. What does that mean for Bitcoin and crypto in general? Will we all come to our senses one day and realize that mining isn’t really good for the universe? Tune in tonight for our thoughts.
Also in this week’s show, we’ll share even more Amazon news. The web giant recently bought some crypto domain names and of course, the internet has theories about why.
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  • This is the one I use just because t is simple and tells you what you need to know

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  • Hi All, Does anyone on here know of any websites or apps where you can earn or make bitcoin? The reason I ask is because I hear about people who were conned out of earning bitcoin so just to ask if you know of any genuine websites and apps?

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  • And we thought we were excited when ETH was 2.00 USD per ETH. 10 USD and up! Market cap is larger than all other crypto-currencies combined (minus BTC). Wouldn’t be surprised to see some pullback for a bit while short term traders take profits.      

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  • Intro- Blockchain basics: business ledgers Classes coming <p style=”text-align: left;”></p>

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  • Check out our new video on OpenBazaar. Decentralized markets, along with Bitcoin, could usher in a new era of free trade.

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