This is episode 132 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

First up today, Daniel sits down with The Liberty Radio Network‘s Ian Freeman to chat about his 2016 satellite fundraiser. LRN.FM hosts a number of liberty-oriented shows including Ian’s own show, Free Talk Live, and of course, You, Me, and BTC.

The network already broadcasts 24/7 on numerous AM and FM radio stations and on two satellites covering North America, Central America, and Sub-Saharan Africa, but Ian knows the world can always use more liberty talk. So he started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a new satellite channel in Europe. Today, Ian will explain why he created LRN.FM, how it helps share the message of liberty across the globe, and how you can help him achieve his goals.

Then after that, Tim will rant about terrorism, political powers, and Pokemon GO. Everyone knows that there are some serious issues in our world, but Tim’s not sure we all deal with them appropriately. So he’ll share why he thinks Bitcoin is easily one of the best ways that we actually can make a difference.

Tune in to learn all about LRN.FM, Free Talk Live, and how they promote liberty! Your hosts are Daniel Brown and Tim Baker. Enjoy!

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  • Good morning, fellow lovers of liberty. I have a new article today the the Freeman: “Proud Little Englander” Here’s the part I’m guessing people might want to discuss or debate: There is a division within libertarianism over the question of vocabulary and the importance of semantic positioning. While some debate the definition of, for example, capitalism or patriotism, others argue that it is folly to get stuck in struggles over terminology. Explain what you mean, the latter contend, and don’t worry over the words. I understand why the semantic quibbling can seem both endless and pointless, but the lesson I take from the linguistic history of our movement, broadly defined, is that the words do matter. The slurs work, and their effects can still be felt over a century later, when the specific debates have long been forgotten. (But please do read the whole article for context.) Thanks, BK

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  • Does anyone here listen to the radio station LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation)? I listen to it every weekday while I’m working. I don’t really have a favourite presenter (Nick Ferrari, James O’Brien, Shelagh Fogarty, Iain Dale), but I respect them all.

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  • Tired of people telling you that your video games are useless? Hit them with this article from the Freeman (, and tell them to join the new virtual economics classroom.

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