This is episode 237 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast.
If you thought all the Bitcoin forks were bad, get a load of what happened to Monero this week. The privacy-oriented crypto’s devs planned a hard fork to reduce the effectiveness of ASICs (something worth discussing in itself). But when all was said and done, four different projects claimed to reject the upgrade and proceed as the original Monero. This created a total of five different Monero forks and no one really knows how legit they all are.
How could this happen and what does it mean for Monero? Will it crumble due to failed central planning? How do we feel about hard forks like this in the first place? Tune in tonight for our thoughts on all that and tons more.
Also in this episode, we’ll cover the most interesting and friendly ransomware that’s ever existed. Apparently some hacker loves this shooter called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) so much that he released a virus that forces people to play it. Unlike most ransomware, which demands crypto in exchange for unlocking the victim’s files, this worm unlocks the files after a few rounds of PUBG.
It’s gonna be a crazy evening so don’t miss it! Check the list below for some of the stories we’ll cover and catch the livestream tonight at 9PM Eastern.
Monero Just Hard Forked — and It Resulted in Four New Projects
PUBG Ransomware Decrypts Your Files If You Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Your hosts this week are Daniel Brown, Tim Baker, and Zack Voell. Don’t forget to visit so you can vote in this week’s Bitcoin poll and share your thoughts in the comments!
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  • This is the one I use just because t is simple and tells you what you need to know

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  • Greetings all. Does anyone use Coinbase for their wallet/trading? If so, are you happy with them?

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  • Hi All, Does anyone on here know of any websites or apps where you can earn or make bitcoin? The reason I ask is because I hear about people who were conned out of earning bitcoin so just to ask if you know of any genuine websites and apps?

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  • While one segment of the us government is trying to require a safe and proper backdoor to everyone’s communication we simultaneously see how all of that is being counter hacked , and there is very little keeping uber-hacking tools out of the public.

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  • And we thought we were excited when ETH was 2.00 USD per ETH. 10 USD and up! Market cap is larger than all other crypto-currencies combined (minus BTC). Wouldn’t be surprised to see some pullback for a bit while short term traders take profits.      

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