Is it really possible to have a meaningful argument in real time? How can you seriously respond to new arguments without just making stuff up?
Oh, and Tim thinks about death a lot lately.
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  • I’m interested in working for Bitcoin but atm it’s hard to find these kind of sites. At the moment it seems quite hard to benefit from Bitcoin unless you have purchased Bitcoins through your current accounts as investments. However, as someone noted somewhere else, buying and selling goods for Bitcoin online seems to be hard. How can Bitcoin make a real difference while it’s still not a feasible currency for most of us?

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  • I will admit it outright: I am a terrible orator. Now, talking in public is usually much better than it used to be. But when it comes to conversations about politcs and economics, I’m at loss to remain Friedman-calm when facing outrageously false statements. If it were done over writing I could easily kick their butts thanks to the many articles I wrote and tons of books I read (and stats that actually show my point). But when talking my heart starts racing, I feel like I’m hyperventilating and I sink to their level of emotions.   Are there any tricks to keep the cool even when faced by a barrage of nonsense?

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  • Bitcoin has drawn quite a bit of attention in the mainstream media since this story broke out a while back on the bitcoin forums and reddit. Are any of ya’ll taking this seriously or just looking at it as a buying opportunity?   Associated article (one of many):   Forbes

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  • Our new startup has a simple idea behind it – hosting that is private, anonymous, and free from censorship. I could spend a long time trying to explain it,… instead, please take a look at our video and site, and tell us what you think of it.

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  • Hi, Do you have any recommendations for a Bitcoin wallet on Android? Ideally it’d be simple and intuitive enough for beginners to use. Also, is a different wallet required for every AltCoin (e.g. LiteCoin, etc)? Or are there wallets that can handle different AltCoins? Thanks

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