Rachel Goldsmith is the Executive Director for the Free State Project, a coordinated effort to generate libertarian migration to New Hampshire. She joins the Young Voices podcast to talk about the organization’s mission, their annual PorcFest event this June, raising kids in the 21st century and free-range parenting.

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  • I just wanted to share my experience I’ve had with some of the media coming out of New Hampshire.  The first show I discovered was the school sucks project podcast.  I have been listening to the podcast for about a year and it has shifted my focus in another direction.  Instead of worrying about what the state does, I find myself worrying more about what I can do personally to achieve liberty.  I think this message is prominent in a number of shows located in New Hampshire such as free talk live.  I wonder if anyone else had a similar experience?

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  • PorcFest tickets available. June 19–24, 2018 FREE STATE PROJECT’S 15TH ANNUAL Porcupine Freedom Festival ROGER’S CAMPGROUND, LANCASTER, NH ForkFest dates available. June 14th through June 18th for Forkfest 2018! Forkfest is the yearly camping party in the woods that began in 2017 at Rogers Campground in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. It happens the five days prior to Porcfest and you’re invited to come and create whatever experience you’d like others to have. No one is in charge and the event is decentralized.

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  • So I have this warning when I log into my Poloniex account that is specific to New Hampshire residents. So much for being the Free State. Any other free staters know what this is all about? I’m going through the process now of moving my ETH.  

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  • I had no idea that libertarianism was gaining so much traction in Brazil. I had a passing familiarity a while back about Mises circles popping up down there but I am absolutely impressed with the political and public gains they are making. Here’s a video from reason tv summarizing what is happening: . I remember meeting a young and motivated Brazilian man at the 2015 Liberty Forum in Manchester that just made the move that month unfortunately I cannot remember his name. Bruno perhaps? Are there any thought ambassadors traveling between the US and Brazil (either physically or virtually) that are assisting with the movement? I am curious if any Brazilians could do their own Free State movement to a small locality within their country to make incremental changes in local policy. I suppose if this became more widespread we’d see a loose global shift of locally concentrated efforts; almost like a middle-out thing.

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  • Hey Guys, I was watching a YouTube video the other day about Porcfest in New Hampshire that just recently came to an end and someone mentioned something about a man named Ian Freeman being banned from the Free State Project and events like Porcfest. I made the move this spring and am curious as to what the FSP would ban someone for? The only thing I’ve seen on the internet is that he said something about defending yourself against an out of line cop using force? Does anyone have the full story?

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