Cop Block [Warning: Explicit]

Americans are the most caged and cop-killed people in the world. The Cop Block music video shows Police State U.S.A in action. Protect yourself and loved ones with our guides How to Deal with the Police by whistleblower ex-cop Justin Hanners and Alternatives to the Police State by William N. Grigg.

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Cop Block

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  1. Robert S. March 4, 2015 , 3:06 pm

    I don’t know how to feel. This video enraged me and also made me cry. What in the world has happened to us? None of the people I saw in the video being beaten senseless by thugs with badges were doing anything but talking. They weren’t threatening anyone, weren’t wielding weapons of any kind etc. This has got to stop. Period.

  2. john hunt March 4, 2015 , 5:59 pm

    Scary stuff.. But we must remember to NOT generalize the bad actions of some onto a group. Groupism is evil in all its forms. Prejudice against an individual based on groups is usually wrong, unless the group is chosen by the individual and uniformly evil and representing evil values.

    So what about cops? I can tell you that in Charlottesville Virginia, the chief of police is a vociferous supporter of the Constitution and knows what he is talking about and thinks about the Constitution the way we on this site do. The word Constitution is used seven times in their mission statement statement, with every effort to make the point that their job is to defend individuals Constitutional rights, and not to work for the government against the people.

    This doesn’t mean that an overempowered young testosterone filled stressed out cop in town won’t beat the crap out of someone in anger. But in this town, he sure is less likely to get away with it.

    Not all cops are bad. Some are… It’s a power position and therefore attractive to sociopaths. In a good town, the sociopaths was out quickly, usually…. They stick out…

    Find the problems, and work to fix them. Or build a new system and let others join us. We are good at finding the problems. Let’s build the new system outside the current system, and invite good people to join, including good cops.

  3. Alison Cline March 4, 2015 , 8:33 pm

    These are not regular “cops” they are probably corporate cops. They are not accountable. Go to Rutherford Institute and understand.

  4. Alison Cline March 4, 2015 , 8:34 pm

    Yes, we all must do something about it. Legislators in many states have made allowance for this. Find out about your state and courts.

  5. David Montgomery March 4, 2015 , 9:21 pm

    If by “corporate cop” you mean employees of Walmart or McDonald’s, then no, these aren’t corporate cops. Their salaries are paid by taxes.

    Jeff Tucker’s article on this topic is outstanding:

  6. Joe K. March 5, 2015 , 8:03 pm

    The United States is a Corporation. Just study history, therefore, what you see in this video are abusers that are parasites that belong behind bars! This is just disgusting and I know the video is shock value! Thankfully, our people are waking up as we are seeing more of these tyrants getting fired after years and years of civil rights abuses. The technology is unleashing what they used to hide!

  7. Tyrone Johnson March 9, 2015 , 6:36 pm

    The police in the United States were racist, sexist, misanthropic monsters who willingly chose to attack the civil liberties of others when my mother’s parents emigrated from the United States in 1950. Today, they are little different. It is possible for a police officer to be a peace officer, to diligently uphold the law and the constitutions of her state and country, but it is very unlikely.

    General truths about the police are valid. Being against what the police do is right. It is not valid to tie such views to “groupism” because nobody makes anyone be a police officer. Any cop can stop being an evil thug by resigning from the police force. And every cop should. The fact that some wear badges in order to victimise and brutalise others with colour of law is evil. And it is way past time to treat them with respect.

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