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    A group for people who write fiction- either for money or […]

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    Literature & Fiction
  • Group logo of Freedom and Frugality
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    So much time is spent on making money, and so little on how to spend it wisely. With debt being a chain that denies you personal freedom to a very large degree, being frugal is one way to experience personal freedom. I hope that this group can be a means by which we can share tips and deals so that we can all live as free as possible.

    Being frugal is not about doing without, but rather about spending our hard earned money in ways that make our lives better. Deliberate choices to have what we truly desire, rather than just go along with the crowd buying […]

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    Saving Money
  • Group logo of People for Liberty
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    People for Liberty is a political action committee which has a stated mission of helping Libertarian candidates and those that believe in social and economic freedom, get elected to the office they are running for. This group is designed to help us gain traction around the nation and get ideas about how we can spread the word of […]

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    Activism & Elections
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    Group for programmers […]

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    Science & Technology
  • Group logo of Science Fiction and Fantasy
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    Forget about all those other genres. Speculative fiction is what tickles our fancy, science fiction and fantasy in […]

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    Literature & Fiction
  • Group logo of The stupid hand of the State
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    For collectors of the most outlandish and stupid laws, regulations, taxes and other vexations of the States around the world. Let’s bury them under a mountain […]

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    Entertainment & Culture
  • Group logo of Libertarian Fiction
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    For those who love to read or watch stories with libertarian themes as well as those who create […]

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    Literature & Fiction
  • Group logo of The Act of Creation
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    Discussions on creative perception, conception and […]

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    Art & Design
  • Group logo of Libertarian Fiction Authors
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    The Libertarian Fiction Authors Association is a writers association, writing group, and mastermind group for aspiring and published libertarian authors of any genre of […]

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    Literature & Fiction
  • Group logo of Libertarian Creatives
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    This group was created to provide a positive, productive, and constructive place for libertarians who are creatives to mingle, share ideas, and collaborate.

    A creative is someone doing work in the creative fields of art, literature, film, music, design, advertising, and so on, including novelists, painters, singers, graphic and web designers, photographers, videographers, actors, entrepreneurs, inventors, editors, marketers, and more.

    This group is for you if:

    1. You want tips on tools, strategy, tactics, and skills that will help you be more productive, improve the quality of your creative work, and better market your product or service.

    2. You want to create something that requires a team or skills you don’t possess.

    3. You want to learn how to market the libertarian message in a professional, positive, and compelling way.

    4. You want to see what amazing things your fellow libertarians are creating.

    This group IS NOT the place to discuss electoral or party politics, ask for political donations, post or share bitter political polemics, argue about political theory, engage in personal attacks or infighting, and the like.


    Join our sister communities on Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn as […]

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    silver,gold,stocks and the coming bull […]

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    Gold & Silver
  • Group logo of Cryptoanarchy
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    Cryptoanarchists are the only liberty lovers with the tools to do something about […]

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  • Group logo of Musicians Network
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    Find bandmates and other musical artists to create with. Tell us what talents you offer as well as what you seek. Let’s send the spirit of liberty rippling through […]

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  • Group logo of BitCoin Market
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    Have an item you’d like to sell/buy? Willing to accept BitCoins as payment? Post them here on the *unofficial* Liberty.me BTC […]

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    Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
  • Group logo of Taxation
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    Taxes are one of the most common (and unpleasant) interactions between the state and the individual. Discussions of practical tax considerations as well as philosophy related to taxation with […]

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    Taxes, Regulations, & Intervention
  • Group logo of Favorite Liberty Quotes
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    What are your favorite liberty […]

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    Entertainment & Culture
  • Group logo of Philanthropy & Liberty
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    A gathering place for those wanting to explore ways in which private beneficence and voluntary association can promote flourishing communities, refine their approaches to philanthropy, and share successes and failures in social entrepreneurship and charitable activity. Hosted by Lenore Ealy of The […]

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    Philosophy & Economics
  • Group logo of Science and Medicine.
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    This group is for the discussion of current research in medicine, health, and […]

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  • Group logo of C.S. Lewis Fan Club
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    This is a group dedicated to the great champion of liberty and Christianity C.S. Lewis. Please feel free to discuss your favorite books, essays, […]

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    Literature & Fiction
  • Group logo of Reddit Ancaps
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    Our […]

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    Austrian Economics