Need practice?

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Need practice?

  • Mike Vroman

    I’ll start by saying that I still consider myself something of a novice writer after about two years of regular writing.

    For those who want to start writing, or start writing more, but need subject matter, I would like to propose a potential trade.

    I just got preliminary approval today to attempt to enlist writers for our local project, Grand Rapids Voice.

    This is not a liberty project (but I am gradually remedying that) but it is a place to expose the downfalls of local government to the public, in order to get the public involved in improving the community.

    At this time there is no promised compensation, but I am advocating for some kind of financial compensation in the future, based on the type and scope of the article, and I am confident that there will be at least minimal compensation offered in the future.

    I offer this up here to any who might be interested, since I am currently the only writer, and need help. I just can’t keep up by myself anymore, and haven’t yet found local people to help with the writing.

    If this interests anyone, click on the above link to see the site and the tack we are trying to take, and if still interested, let me know. (I am on call, so please allow me a day or two to respond, depending on how often the phone rings.)

    Thanks, all.


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