The immortal tablet of truth

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The immortal tablet of truth

  • Luke Parker

    Most people on the planet, even here in the liberty niche, & even those who have bitcoins today, are still totally unaware of how important Satoshi’s discovery is.

    The bitcoin blockchain is mankind’s most valuable possession.

    I’m not just pumping the price here folks; allow me to explain.

    Bitcoin’s blockchain is like a central depository of truth that all can see and none can manipulate… A readily available knowledge store that won’t lie, can’t be controlled, can’t be burned to the ground or even nuked, and everyone has access to it, almost anywhere on earth.

    I put bitcoin’s discovery up there with the wheel and fire, well ABOVE the discovery of the internet… Because the internet is perfectly willing & able to lie to you, and worse, it is routinely controlled and used against you.

    Meanwhile, the blockchain’s data can’t be fudged. The laws of mathematics and our insanely huge numbers behind every address ensure that what’s said on the blockchain, stays on the blockchain, verbatim. It could be compared to a magic ipad or tablet that has a spell on it where everyone in the world can see the truth through it and no one can change that info.

    I’m speaking specifically of Satoshi Nakamoto’s solution to the Byzantine General’s problem. Yes, this is something that all Proof-of-Work altcoins have in them too, but no, they won’t ever rival bitcoin’s security. That’s been impossible since somewhere in 2011.

    Since bitcoin is the most secure PoW coin, it’s obviously the place were all of mankinds most important documents will be stored, given time. Everything from real estate deeds to birth certificates to transnational shipping contracts, all of it.

    Nothing else will have nearly the same security backing it up, so why bother? Seriously… Who’d want to save their contracts in an insecure, lessor-available format when the best is free and everyone already uses it?

    A day will surely come when society doesn’t even accept a contract or agreement as legitimate unless it has been hashed onto or otherwise stored on the bitcoin blockchain.

    Let that sink in for a moment; bitcoin can’t avoid becoming the underlying framework for all business done by mankind.

    I honestly don’t care what this realization is going to do to the price, but I suspect that it’s not going in the downward direction because of this fact. 😉

    For a taste of this on-blockchain storage I’m talking about, here are a couple of early-adopters:

    I’m currently working on one myself that is specific to Marriage contracts, basically an upgrade for the concept of marriage & wedding vows.

    Any kind of document will do however, you can hash them onto the blockchain today at BTProof yourself, and be sure that people 50 million years from now will see it, and if it’s a contract, then it’s terms will still be honored!


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  • Lincoln Gardner

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and links, Luke. This is such an exciting time!

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