BattleSuit Runner Fitness (App)

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BattleSuit Runner Fitness (App)

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    I really enjoy BattleSuit Runner Fitness.  It motivates me to get out and exercise, and push harder than I normally would.

    It is a game you can play went running.  It is sci-fi adventure themed.  You play the part of a BattleSuit Runner similar to Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers.

    You are part of a two person team.  You are the runner and you have a gunner that remotely operates your guns.   You work with other BattleSuit Runners as part of an elite team to defend Earth from invading bug like aliens. Your gunner, commander and other teammates are played by a real actors, that tell the story in a radio drama fashion. Except you are the main character.

    In battle you run, while your gunman fires.  Battles do not happen the same, even if you replay the exact same mission.  You can lose battles. I am not sure if slowing down affects the outcome of the battle so I am always pressured to run fast in a battle even when I am very tired.

    And then there is the supper charge.   Sometimes (every mission) the battle gets too challenging or an obstacle is in your way and you must supper charge.  That is you must sprint fast for a sustained period and release your supper charge destroying the enemy or obstacle.

    You do need your own music for background music.  Pick some good workout/battle music.  You can use existing music playlists or make your one in the BattleSuit Runner Fitness app when you start each mission. The app seamlessly mixes the music into the story and battles.

    Great fun. Great workout.

    Get the App here:


    The developer Rafi was interviewed on Sovryn Tech:

    Sovryn Tech Special 0038: “BattleSuit Runner”

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