• anybody using TOR browser?

  • Anyone here built a “Hack-intosh” — a Mac clone?

    There are some videos on YouTube, but it looks very difficult.
    So I’m looking for vendors who sell “Hack-intosh” kits.

    My Mac PowerBook is getting old.
    When it dies, my preferred choice is a Mac-Mini, but that is at the end of its life-cycle.
    Would a “Hack-intosh” be a better option?

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    • Mac-Mini is not at the end its life cycle. Apple discontinued the server edition, discontinued the quad core, crippled the ability to upgrade the ram yourself. But it also ships now with more memory & disk options than it did previously.

      Generally, SSD drive is more relevant to performance than the quad core(platter disk is a bottleneck).

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    • @dl1337

      I think it’s wise advice, “If you want a mac, get a mac.”

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new Mac Mini announced in the next three months. I’m waiting to see what comes, before making any purchase decisions.

      I have a 2009 Mac Mini. The hardware is still working great, but it is 32-bit so it can’t run modern OS/X and is ready for an upgrade.

      As for Hackintoshes, interest in these seems to be declining…[Read more]

    • have you considered any of the various liunx editions available today?

    • @rogerribuck
      Thank you, Roger, for thoughtful observations.
      Okay, I will be patient and we’ll see what comes.

    • @fideliuskazam
      Thanks for suggesting an alternative, but I hope no debate here Linux vs. Mac. I’m just looking for anyone with experience of “Hack-intosh”.

  • Hi Nahuel, thanks for your concern! I sent you a PM about this subject.

  • Hello, My first post here and my fist hour into the site…

    I’m a Drupal web dev, and can’t avoid notice this site is build on wordpress…behind cludfare….but still a wordpress!!

    Also using GA, which is not very consequential with the no-big-brother value proposal…

    Is there any post, video, etc from liberty.me devs showing how was done, or…[Read more]

  • Joe K. posted an update in the group Freedom & Technology 5 years, 9 months ago

    If anyone is interested in getting away from Microsoft and all of its restrictions, viruses, malware, worms, etc. Let me know….I can help and it can be done with little to no cost.

    • Step 1
      It is 100% free and requires no commitment!

      Linux is versatile and probably the most effective showcase for the Voluntaryist concept in action.

    • Thanks for comment Ken. My wife uses Linux Mint andI run Debian on our laptops. We also use a router with DDWRT flashed to it. Our whole network ia linux, even our NAS. I still don’t understand how people who love liberty can use MS products…..junk! Thanks for being a promoter if libertarian software and ideas!

    • I tried to install linux mint onto my macbook a few months ago, but I forgot to partition my hard drive so it completely wiped my hard drive. I might try doing it again soon. What are the main reasons to use linux? I really like the style of the mac OS.

    • If you can afford mac then I wouldn’t worry too much with Linux unless you are wanting to experiment and learn unix much deeper. But the BSD version of unix is what Mac OS is built on – so there won’t be a lot of difference.
      Mainly you’d get more options of user interfaces and an array of software. The downside is you are getting away from a very…[Read more]

    • PS, the first rule of computing is ALWAYS backup first đŸ˜‰

  • Joe K. posted an update in the group Freedom & Technology 5 years, 9 months ago

    This forum will also be available for any of us that have technology questions
    so we can support each other and get answers. All liberty-oriented software
    knowledge and ideas are appreciated. BTW, I am a Linux user…had to disclose that.

  • Joe K. posted an update in the group Freedom & Technology 5 years, 9 months ago

    Just wondering what anyone thinks about some of the technologies coming of age.
    Robotics are really neat but what about the state that would rather get this
    technology and use it as a weapon against humanity? Some agencies like DARPA
    seem bent on only making technology available to govt.

    • Every new technology has positive and negative effects on societies.

      Cell phones completely ruined my ability to “get away from it all”, but cell phones are also awesome when traveling in a group.