• Those interested in moving to MT (only, there is a separate page for people already in MT), please like this FB page:

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  • FreeMontana Project has a website finally: http://freemt.org

  • Whether anyone is interested in joining this group or not (I recommend it), please do be sure to visit. Montana is beautiful and I’d love to meet more like-minded people. My husband and I are moving up in just over a week and are opening up a business right away. Please be sure to check it out, here are all the…[Read more]

    • As a pro-freedom person who quietly moved to Montana to live peacefully in a beautiful place, please, no Free Montana Project! The last thing this state needs is a bunch of hooligans who care nothing for living in peace with their neighbors and only want to run around trashing it because MUH FREEDOM SAYS I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT! Let’s just…[Read more]

    • @kirsten It doesn’t have to be exactly the same concept as the NH FSP. I don’t keep up to the minute on what they’re doing over there but it seems they’ve been having an impact, Cantwell aside (or especially).

      I think there’s a bit of a myth about Montana being this freedom haven, and in some ways it is but it still ranks average, not…[Read more]

    • @haley11 Yes, they’re having an effect. But what is that effect? I can point to two very clear effects:
      1. Since the start of the Free State Project, New Hampshire has dropped 3 places on the Freedom in the Fifty States Index, the index that ranks the states from most free to least free. As more Free Staters have moved in and as more Free State…[Read more]

    • @kirsten totally different approach from FSP.

    • @kirsten Kirsten, I believe that you find assholes in any group of people, and libertarians are no exception. But I think they are doing a great job, they even managed to be featured in the Economist a few weeks ago. They are spreding the word, and Karla just went one step further opening a group for the secession. The simple fact that the issue…[Read more]

  • Scott Mraz posted an update in the group FreeMontanaProject 3 years, 11 months ago

    FYI: the facebook version of this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/407627332696984/

  • Haley Heathman posted an update in the group FreeMontanaProject 4 years ago

    I’m moving to Montana soon and would love to connect with other liberty lovers in Montana. If you follow the Tenth Amendment Center on Facebook, there’s been a lot of work on the nullification front so far this year that’s encouraging. If we get enough like-minded, motivated people, I really think we can be a force for good up there.

    • I do follow the 10th amendment center and i work with a lot of the people crafting those laws in MT. Not that laws are the penultimate solution to government, but it’s a tactical approach.

    • MT is certainly one of the states leading the way, however we can do much, much, more.

    • @scottmraz Agreed. When I look at some of the freedom indexes by state, Montana is up there in some and very average in many others that it seems it should be better at. I look forward to collaborating on how to make Montana a more liberty-oriented state!

    • @haley11 I definitely could use the help getting the message out- you got time to manage content and post on the FreeMontanaProject sites / group? Or other ways you feel excited about assisting the project?

    • @scottmraz I’m up for whatever. I’d love to be involved with this project and would love to have a brainstorming session as to how we can really get this idea off the ground. I make the move up one week from tomorrow (Saturday), will be up there 6 days later, and will hit the ground running with getting our new business up and running just two…[Read more]