• Is it possible to be a follower of Christ, and a Libertarian?

    • Why not?

      They are both ideologies that think they’re going to save the world.

    • If you’re really good at rationalization.

    • Tom Woods is a Catholic and Libertarian (not unique in this of course) and has written several books that may be of interest. His book on the role of the Catholic Church in the rise of western civilisation is of general interest. The other (called The Church and The Market) probably addresses your question more closely. I see no necessary conflict…[Read more]

    • There is at least one group on this site dedicated to the segment of society you mention. And somewhere in the book interviews from way back you should find at least one video with an author. As I recall ‘The Third Way’ was the title.

  • This is a link to a play list of our families nightly BIBLE studies in the great book of Romans, chapter by chapter & verse by verse. In this book we deal with the statest favorite scripture for obeance to the state. We’ll see that they are misrepresenting our FATHER’s WORD. These are raw & uncut videos so please excuse the occasional barking dog…[Read more]

  • In the words of Jeffrey Tucker, “Liberty is not just an abstraction. It is not only for the realm of thinking. Liberty can be lived. It must be present in our own lives in order to have a fighting chance in the world.” In other words, we fight for liberty by Showing Up on the side of Liberty in our daily lives. The same is true of the Gospel. We…[Read more]

    • neither liberty nor libertarianism is a religion…liberty is simply do why thy will constrained only by demonstrated harm to others. No relation at all to christian witnessing…(which is the personal advocacy of submission of your will to a purported divine being). The religion that comes closest to liberty is the church of satan, if you want to…[Read more]

    • @dl1337 Religion could be defined in a different way. I believe anything that requires faith (which is claiming a truth-value to your claims or presuppositions) is a kind of religion. Also, what constitutes “harm” is open to interpretation. I think that the purpose of a dialog is to be frank.

  • Liberty is what God gave us once we were bornwhich is the right that was given to us by our creator which none of man’s entities do not have the rifht to take away from us. I read 1 samuel8 and it is interesting and valid

    • god’s an indian giver…

    • @dl1337 that’s because God greated the law of physics where something cannot come from nothing and must come from something else 🙂

    • @liberty56

      maybe…haven’t kept up w/ the physics of black holes. There is usually an exception to every rule.

    • @liberty56 : But if time has no beginning then there was always something. And, before you counter that there has to be a starting point, who created god?

    • @liberty56 Actually in quantum physics something can come from nothing. In space particles are popping in and out of existence all the time. Some think this is what is increasing the rate of expansion of the universe.

    • Liberty comes from the fact that humans survive by using their minds and to that end must be free from external restraint.

    • @justinhale Well Justin, I’m not too sure about what they tell us about so called quantum physics. I just don’t think we understand “nothing” yet…pun intended. All the brainiacs in the universe today still think economics is a human behavior science. @dl1337 There is no exception in physics…it’s absolute by absolute calculation. @tomlib God…[Read more]

    • @liberty56 : “God is already in the numbers if you will.”

      I’ve learned my lesson over the years. I can’t argue with logic like that.

      Have a nice life.

    • @tomlib no offense…peace and love

    • @dl1337 God is completely good even though we don’t understand much about God. Nobody is wiser than God in any way.

  • Here’s some activity. I think that the church if Jesus should b e the ideal in voluntary cooperation. Is this in line with what you were aiming at in forming the group?