• For the past three months I’ve been trying intermittent fasting. I’m eating during a six-hour window each day, then fasting for 18 hours. It has worked great, and I’ve lost 8kg (18 lbs).

    Although I’m not officially on a low carb diet, I’ve moved towards it during my intermittent fasting. I’ve stopped eating cereals, I’ve stopped eating almost…[Read more]

    • Interesting stuff, Roger, thanks for sharing. I’d love to know how the 12/12 goes for you.

    • Congratulation on you success. I’m also interested in the 12/12 because the feeling I get reading about IF is that “the magic” starts to work at about the 12 hour mark. It seems like with 12/12 you are going to be paying the price, but not getting the health benefit.
      So it will be an interesting experiment.

  • Jon Kalb posted an update in the group Low Carb Lifestyle 4 years, 10 months ago


    You are correct that there isn’t much going on here.

    I’ve been following the work of Michael and Mary Dan for many years. They were important to the development of my understanding of metabolism and diet.

    I’ve been experimenting with intermittent fasting a bit recently and I first heard about it on Michael’s blog.


  • Ralph McIntyre posted an update in the group Low Carb Lifestyle 5 years ago

    I just joined this group today, but see no discussions on my screen:
    Glitch in my browser? Or does no carb = no discussion? : )

    My purpose joining is to trade intelligent web sites about low/no carb.
    As a new comer, I am looking for information and motivation.
    I’ve found some very useful web sites and am looking for more.

    To prime the…[Read more]