Building a Business Under Leviathan: Nevada By Cameron Belt


Over regulation kills thousands of businesses every year.  But you won’t give up.  You want to join that glorious class of individuals who shape the world: entrepreneurs.  Cameron Belt shows you how to navigate the seemingly endless bureaucracy and red tape to get your business started.

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  •  Michael Magan

    Building a Business Under Leviathan: Nevada Discussion

    Kick off the discussion on Cameron Belt’s upcoming guide, Building a Business Under Leviathan: Nevada! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Guide_building-a-business-under-leviathan-nevada.

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  •  Bud Johnson

    How to have a successful photo business without the state to enforce copyright

    Let’s kick this off! How are you able to have a successful photography company without the state to enforce copyright and/or IP laws? I personally have a very successful wedding photography company and one of my biggest selling points is my philosophy on intellectual property. I’d love to hear other’s successes, or problems, and will happily explain how I do it!

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  •  Massimo Mazzone

    This thing is taking off

    My two cents as a (old) former business consultant: as a business is taking off. I suspect it just entered the first phase of a classical S-curve.  Exhibit A is the number of articles popping out every evening. It moved from 1 per day 3 weeks ago to 2-3 last week to the 6 or 7 appearing today. And I do not see any decline in quality. I have no idea about the seed-money of this venture or about potential market and cost-structure, and I have just a guess of the revenue model. However, if you guys need to raise capital, my guess is that at a pre-money of 7-8M$, you can raise as much as you want. I would be very interested to be pitched. You can get the stupid martini glass back as part of the deal 🙂  

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  •  Patrick Hatten

    Any Restauranteurs?

    I’ve had a great idea for a quick service restaurant, but I’ve had trouble getting a business plan/funding. Are there any restauranteurs in the world looking to join in? I’m a bit rusty since I’ve been out of the industry for a few years, but I love this idea/vision so much that I’d hate to see it not come to fruition.

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