High Risk, High Reward: Disciplined Junior Mining Investing By Jayant Bhandari


You can multiply your investment and get fabulously rich if you invest in the right junior gold miners. You can lose your whole investment and go totally broke if you invest in the wrong ones.

How do you sort through all the new companies on the market and figure out which ones are worthy of your money? When every mining company is telling you they are just on the verge of striking it rich, how do you sort the gold from the dross?

In this guide, a veteran investor shows you how to keep your head and make some real money.

Jayant Bhandari is constantly traveling the world to look for investment opportunities, particularly in the natural resource and gold mining sectors. He advises institutional investors about his finds. He grew up in India.

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  • Moritz Bierling

    Investing for Newbies

    Many young people today – me included – don’t have a clue when it comes to investing, besides some general advice: 1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket 2. Look for something with real value behind it What tips and advice do you experienced ladies and gentlemen have, that is worth transmitting to the next generation? Keeping in mind, that the monetary system is fast approaching its collapse, what should a young person with little money invest in?

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  • Toby Rice

    Continuing the Shark Tank / Junior Resource Discussion

    Rick Thank you for the incredible Shark Tank series you did. I had no idea this level of access to your great mind was available. The detail and insight you provided is truly wonderful for an upstart like me.  It’s what brought me to Liberty.Me and as a result has earned them my subscription. I couldn’t find any further information on the Almaden interview. Is that still in the works? And what about future parts of the series. Will you do more? I couldn’t find many comments about your offer to continue if people grow the user base. I’m yet to find a really good junior mining community and would love to help support one. Best Wishes Toby

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  • Ryan George Mills

    Junior Mining Speculation

    I Just finished watching the fourth lecture by RickRule.  I am very interested in pursuing this beyond convention.  .  I’m kind of slow in the head so I will need to re-watch the series, probably multiple times until I can recite portions.  Plus I need to read The Intelligent Investor, which I just obtained a copy for free from a friend 🙂  And do the homework on Almaden Minerals.  There was a book Rick mentioned in another interview “How to Interogate suspects” or something.   Anybody know that one?  Is the Almaden interview still happening? Gold is the shit. Grind for your shine

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