How to Be an Individualist Anarchist By Wendy McElroy


Is it really possible to be an individualist anarchist? How do you throw off the chains of the state and live your birthright of liberty? For many the path is anarchocapitalism—the profound understanding that you were born free; you are free.  Your natural state is that of liberty, and no-one can chain your mind. You really can become an individualist anarchist and this guide explains how.

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  •  Mike Reid

    How to Be an Individualist Anarchist

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  •  Jack Wahlquist

    Preventing New States After Societal Fall?

    It’s a gamble: can the anarchist movement reach enough people fast enough that we can form strong pockets of anarchy unshakeable by future statism? I’m talking about in our lifetimes, right now. I’m a member of the FSP, and will be living as much of an anarchist life as possible within that economy. As more places trend towards anarchy due to a high population of liberty-minded people living there, how can we ensure these communities are protected from statism?   I refuse to repeat history, but I am only one individual. Utilizing our internet connections to form greater influence in our real lives, I know we can have at least a few pockets of anarchy even as the rest of the world devolves into another state.

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