Reclaim Your Privacy: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now By Bill RoundsTrace Mayer


Online privacy is essential. Governments are turning into police states. NSA surveillance programs and their counterparts abroad scan our every move.

How can you fight back? Trace Mayer and Bill Rounds give you five concrete steps to regain your online privacy so you can once more live, work, and play without the incessant fear of being watched. Privacy is our natural right. Let’s reclaim it.

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  • Mike Reid

    Reclaim Your Privacy: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now Discussion

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  • Joseph Perrelli

    Looking for help improving my privacy

    I am a bit obsessed with tracking I traded my iPhone in for a burner a while ago but something I am starting to see now that I don’t have one is just how hard life has become without a mobile device. I consider a smartphone to not be to far off from a national ID card in its ability to track people and there actions and getting better at it by the day so getting a new smartphone is out of the question. Something I am finding is there are a lot of issues without some kind of mobile device available. I want something that if I feel is being tracked would not be an issue to throw away but tablets the cheapest option I am finding tend to only be able to use about half the apps on the marketplace and I don’t want to spend $200 on a new iPod touch anyone have any ideas?

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  • Gage Counts

    Linux users: favorite privacy distro?

    I’m looking to use a distro that has my privacy as a priority. This might be trite, but I’m not really interested in Tails because it’s not pretty enough for me. Is there a group of devs that pump out a distro that have vocally opposed the NSA in some way? What distro do you use that you trust with your privacy and security? P.S. Any commentary on Fedora or openSUSE would be nice. Thanks!

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