Rethinking Higher Education By Isaac Morehouse


Is it time for you to start rethinking higher education? The transition from child to responsible adult is the transition from a pure consumer to a consumer-producer in the free market. What are the essential requirements for this transition? Do we need post-secondary education to become a successful producer? Isaac Morehouse explores the ideal education for a human being and then the real, practical opportunities and pitfalls for young people today. Not everyone considers all of this, but rethinking higher education can be quite valuable.

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  • Michael Magan

    Rethinking Higher Education Discussion

    Kick off the discussion on Isaac Morehouse’s guide, Rethinking Higher Education! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Guide_rethinking-higher-education.

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  • vadim fiddle

    Exobase San Diego

    Everyone, on Dec. 5-6 we will be conducting a unique entrepreneurship experiment, Exobase San Diego. Exobase will introduce the experience of the entrepreneurial mindset, intentional community, and self-reliance, as it relates to life-long learning and personal growth. Participants in Exobase will gain new perspective on their current career trajectory, understand what skills and ideas will be most valuable for their future endeavors, and be exposed to the real-life lessons from others who drew a line in the sand and took action on creating the life they wanted. Our ultimate goal at Exosphere is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with confidence and knowledge, to achieve personal freedom and independence via entrepreneurship skills. Please help us to promote this event, we have had fantastic events in NYC, Italy (2), Austria, Hungary and Germany, and another upcoming one in Argentina.

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