Voice and Exit Manifesto: How to Change the World By Max Borders


Voice and Exit is a yearly event built around a simple idea: human flourishing. We use voluntarism to work around the nanny state and implement ideas that enable people to find well-being, life meaning, and stronger connection to others. Sometimes flourishing starts with transformation: speaking up (Voice) or opting out of the status quo (Exit) to create something new.

Voice and Exit is not looking for utopias to force onto others. We’re looking for radical new voluntarist communities into which to invite others.

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  •  Mike Reid

    Voice and Exit Manifesto: How to Change the World Discussion

    Kick off the discussion on Max Borders’s Liberty Guide, the Voice and Exit Manifesto: How to Change the World! Are you going to the Voice & Exit event in Austin, TX, on June 21? What are the innovations that are already creating a freer, more prosperous, and more peaceful world around you? What are the new innovations that have the potential to do even more? Respond below or start your own discussion using the tag Guide_voice-and-exit-manifesto.

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