Voices of Generation Liberty By Joseph S. Diedrich


Here you’ll find 9 fun conversations with fascinating people in the libertarian world: Jeffrey Tucker, Mark Thornton, Julie Borowski, Sheldon Richman, John Papola, Naomi Brockwell, Andrew Kirell, Anthony Gregory, and Wendy McElroy.

These conversations are meant to scratch the surface of libertarian ideas while adding the depth of personal character, wit, and charm. They’re meant to introduce you freedom by introducing you to people.

Many already know that Mark Thornton advances an airtight case against prohibition, but what is his favorite meal? Many know that Sheldon Richman is a world-class writer and editor,
but what movies does he watch in his free time?

Alongside questions of theory, ethics, and economics, these lighthearted yet deeply personal inquiries give you an intimate introduction to modern libertarianism.

These are the voices of Generation Liberty.

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