Economic Harmonies By Frédéric Bastiat


What’s so great about Economic Freedom?

Collectivists for years have said it leads to conflict between individuals. They look to the State to ease these tensions, to change how people come together. To them, the market left on it’s own does nothing but put people at odds with one another.

In his final work, Bastiat shows this is far from true. As long as private property and the freedom to exchange are upheld, every man will see his neighbor as a partner rather than an enemy.

There is no inherent struggle between the well-being of one man and the well-being of everyone else within the free market. Mutual self-interest constantly leads to moments of voluntary cooperation, moments of Harmony.

In Economic Harmonies, Bastiat uses basic principles of economics to prove the case for a free society, a case for Harmony.

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  • Jeffrey Tucker

    Economic Harmonies by Bastiat

    Economic Harmonies by Bastiat I’ve listed this book under political philosophy because it is broad enough to provide a complete social outlook of the workings of people in absence of the state. It is an incredibly beautiful reflection, written at the very end of Bastiat’s life. It is also the least read of his works, which is tragic because this book presents the liberal worldview as well as it has ever been presented. Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_Economic Harmonies

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