Leonard Read: Philosopher of Liberty By Mary Sennholz

  • Author: Mary Sennholz
  • Published: 1993


“Leonard Read, the offspring of New England pioneers, was to become the leader who, at a crucial moment in American history, rallied the demoralized and tired forces of individual freedom and the private property order. This book is dedicated to his memory, which will live as long as the Foundation for Economic Education or one of its offshoots carries his message to anyone willing to listen.” ~ Mary Sennholz

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  •  Jeffrey Tucker

    Leonard Read: Philosopher of Liberty

    Leonard Reed: Philosopher of Liberty This is a wonderful book that reveals unknown biographic details of a truly great and underrated man and thinker. You will see how his views were hard won — not learned from books but from life experience. This is what accounts for his persistence, in my view. Kick off the discussion! Questions, comments, observations or elaborations? Either reply here or create a new discussion using the tag Library_Leonard Read

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