Lines of Liberty – Great Libertarian Quotes By Gary Galles


This is the biggest and best book of great libertarian quotes in the world. Here you will find a vast armory of the most powerful words ever uttered in defense of freedom. Professor Gary Galles puts all of the striking quotations in context with an introduction to each of the 60+ authors in the book, from David Hume to Ayn Rand.

Now, is there a great quote we’ve missed (or worse, misquoted) in this book? Professor Galles wants to know. Tell him right here and help make the next edition of this book even bigger and better.

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  • Mike Reid

    Great Libertarian Quotes

    We have a new, wonderful book in the Library: Lines of Liberty. Professor Gary Galles has compiled the biggest and best book of great libertarian quotations ever. That’s not hyperbole. I defy you to find anything that comes even close to what Galles has done here. But even so, Dr. Galles knows he’s probably missed many great quotes, and he’s eager to improve the book for the future. So please, lay it on us. What are THE BEST LIBERTARIAN QUOTATIONS IN THE WORLD??

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  • Mike Tarantino

    Quips & Quotes: Light & Heavy, Obscure or Noted, Renowned & Unnown'd

    This discussion would likely fit comfortably in several of the available categories. After a bit of head-scratching, I settled on “General,” under ‘Entertainment & Culture,” but I’m thinking it would have been fine under the “General” heading in “Educational,” Government & Politics” and “Philosophy & Economics.” Truth, after all, is where we find it. At times it might be buried under a layer of humor, other times it might be insinuated in some grave statement, and very often it is lying in plain sight–naked and invisible. As with most things, there is deeper meaning to be found if we bother to look for it. Shall we have some fun and see what we can come up with?

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