The Broken Throne By Tom Liberman

  • Author: Tom Liberman


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Is it better to rule in Tyranny or live in Freedom?

The great capital of the Empire fell a thousand years ago and all that is left is a broken city filled with monstrous creatures guarding an ancient symbol of power, The Broken Throne.

The people of Stav’rol believe they are destined to retrieve the throne and rebuild the Empire. They believe the human race is superior but have thus far failed in every attempt to pierce the guardians of Das’von. Now a great Sea Giant is sailing north hoping to use the throne and the legitimacy it gives him, to rebuild the Old Empire in his name.

The Guide of Stav’rol cannot allow this to happen and sends one of the finest young warriors in the nation to infiltrate the crew of the unstoppable warship and sail with them to Das’von. Once there Dietrich is to betray the Sea Giant and turn the throne over to the Guide.

Things are not always as simple as they sound. Can a taste of freedom can turn a man against everything he has ever known?

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  • Tom Liberman

    The Broken Throne

    Hello all, I’m the author and happy to answer any questions prior to the event about this book or any of the other six I’ve written. They are all $2.99 at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble for devices of all kinds. Tom Liberman

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  • Laurie Rice

    What's your favorite work by Ayn Rand and why?

    Just to start off light, it’s always fun to find out peoples’ favorite works by Ayn Rand. I love Atlas Shrugged, of course, because it’s Objectivism in full flower. I also love We The Living, for the scrappy independence of Kira Argounova and because the existential, snowy Russian setting is similar to my hometown Wisconsin winters. For non-fiction, I love Rand’s essay about Apollo 11 because of its historical moment, how moved she was by the achievement, and because it’s some of her best descriptive writing. I also love Rand’s essay about Marilyn Monroe, for its compassion and insight about femininity.

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  • Jorge Trucco

    Favorite fiction book (and why) ??

    Well, this is a question that’s asked to many of us on interviews. Its an interesting question. My favorite fiction book (if you can call it “fiction”) is Atlas Shrugged. I remember when I first read it I was totally taken by it. It blew my mind. It just was what I was looking for. It gave me the moral foundation to the things I intuitively thought but could not formulate. It was a before and after. And yes, the novel is wonderful. I fell in love with Dagny Taggart. 🙂

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